Dara at Yonsei University giving out lectures?

Earlier, we reported that 2NE1’s Dara would be giving a special lecture on social networking at Yonsei University. Much attention is now being put on what she discussed with the students, and although details weren’t revealed, it seems like she’s made quite the impact.

Dara reported used her two-year experience with social networking site ‘Me2day’ as the base of her lecture. She currently has over 350,000 Me2day friends, with whom she actively reaches out to with posts both personal and professional.

Although she is 2NE1’s communications director, Dara began the lecture with, “I’m not in a position to be giving lectures, so I’d like to use your precious class time to discuss what goes on at the scene.” After talking a bit about her thoughts on using Me2day to communicate with her fans, she went on to reveal that “sincerity, fun, and naturalness” were of the utmost importance with SNS use, not just to solely marketing.

Professor Lee Mun Kyu commented, “After we came upon the social networking age, I always thought that Dara was one of the successful cases in Korea. I think it’s quite meaningful that she was here to join us today in class and talk directly with the students.”

Immediately after the lecture, students used their own Twitters to praise, “Dara’s not only gorgeous, but also has a certain calm to her that makes lectures fun.”

The lecture was originally meant for 100 students, but after hearing that it was Dara giving the lecture, five times the amount showed up, creating a bustling atmosphere.

Credit: allkpop


~ by ygnxgeneration on May 17, 2011.

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