[NEWS] Teddy dishes on the reasons behind the international K-pop syndrome and 2NE1’s success!


Teddy is most definitely not an unfamiliar name to all lovers of YG Entertainment’s music. He’s been widely praised in the past for his work, which include Taeyang’s “Only Look At Me”, Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Disco”, Big Bang’s “Sunset Glow”, as well as many of 2NE1’s top title tracks.

2011 marks Teddy’s 12th year as a producer in the Korean music industry, and judging by his creations, he can be rightfully considered as a musician who has made huge contributions to K-pop music and its trends. In fact, many of the songs he’s so far created for 2NE1 have hit big in not only Asia, but also overseas countries like Mexico, Brazil, and France as well.

During his interview with Star News, Teddy stated that the global ‘2NE1 syndrome’ was a “result that was expected”. He also shared his thoughts on the special, unique charms that K-pop holds.

Teddy believes that it’s the harmony between Eastern and Western charms that keeps the K-pop syndrome alive. Using 2NE1’s popularity as an example, Teddy explained, “I recently went to Brazil and let them listen to 2NE1’s music. Everyone asked me which country these songs were from, and were really fascinated about it. This is the result of 2NE1’s strange, yet unique vibe in their music.”

“It’s definite that they they have interest in K-pop. For us, we grew up listening to a lot of Western music, so we’re used to their music to some sort of extent. To them, Korean music is fresh and new.”

Teddy continued, “In the case of 2NE1, their Eastern beauty combined with strong and trendy music results in the group’s overall unique vibe.” He explained that it is 2NE1’s potential and new charms have captured the interest of music fans the world over.

When asked about the strengths of 2NE1, Teddy replied, “They are four singers who are all genuinely good at singing. Whatever I draw for 2NE1, it comes out certain every single time. Because all four are all so good at singing, they have a great ability in expressing their feelings.”

Source: Star News via Nate + ALLPKPOP


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