[NEWS] Head choreographers choose the best female and male idol dancer!

minzy & taeyang

Sports Hankooki recently surveyed the leaders of five famous dance teams, asking them to choose an idol group member who they felt best excelled in dancing. Three out of the five chose Big Bang’s Taeyang, placing him at first; incidentally, these three choreographers are from Korea’s “Big 3″ companies – YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment.

YG Entertainment’s head choreographer, High Tech’s Lee Jae Wook, commented, “There’s no other idol who could follow the strength, skill, and facial expressions Taeyang uses in his dance.”

JYP Entertainment’s head choreographer, Park Nam Yong, added, “His moves are clean and he’s exceptional at expressing his emotions.”

SM Entertainment’s head choreographer, Beat Burger’s Hwang Sang Hoon, praised, “His skill is exceptional.”

On the other hand, Play Dance’s Park Sang Hyun, who choreographed SECRET’s “Magic” and “Madonna“, chose Jay Park. He reasoned, “Jay Park is able to take on dances from both the old school and new school. …Maybe it’s because Jay Park grew up in the States, but he doesn’t follow the trends and creates his own style.”

Prepix’s Ha Woo Sin, the head choreographer for B2ST, chose members Junhyung and Hyunseung. “Yong Junhyung professionally pursued dance and dreamt of becoming a dancer before he became a B2ST member. Because of that, every single one of his gestures set him apart from the other idol members. Jang Hyunseung is your traditional practice mania.”

Although they were able to come up with a majority consensus on male dancers, opinions on female dancers were divided; 2NE1’s Minzy came out on top with two votes.

Lee Jae Wook reasoned, “Minzy has the ability of turning any dance into her own style,” while Park Sang Hun added, “Minzy is eye-catching. She has great technique when it comes to expressing a dance.”

Hwang Sang Hoon chose BoA, explaining, “She has the power of dominating a stage. I’d love to be able to see BoA and Taeyang on stage together.”

Ha Woo Sin gave a big thumbs up to miss A’s Min. “Min has great power and is also understanding of local dances, most likely because she grew up in the States. I think she has a great understanding of dances, and is a great dancer overall.”

Source: Sports Hankooki
cr: allkpop



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One Response to “[NEWS] Head choreographers choose the best female and male idol dancer!”

  1. Finally Minji gets recongized ^^
    and my favorite male Taeyang yes!!!
    they are both my favorite good luck love you two FIGHTING!!!!!

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