2NE1 comes up short in the Japanese market, but why?

Many Korean idols have successfully moved into the Japanese music market, and some have even dominated the Oricon Charts. However, when it comes to doing just that, it seems like 2NE1 has a long way to go.

It has come to a surprise to many that 2NE1’s recent move into the Japanese music industry has proved to be anything but successful. Although this fierce quartet is considered to be one of the best idol groups in Korea, their advancement into Japan disappointed – their album, ‘2NE1‘, which was released in Japan on March 16th, reached only #18 on the Daily Rankings; on the Weekly Rankings, it fell to #24.

Some are speculating that this disappointment may be a result from the recent earthquake in Japan, as 2NE1 was supposed to make an appearance on Asahi TV’s “Music Station” on the 11th to promote their album. However, on that same day, the earthquake hit the Tohoku province, leading 2NE1 to cancel their schedule and return home, back to Korea.

Although the tragedy may have played a role in 2NE1’s slump, it fails to wholly explain their disappointment in Japan, as B2ST sold over 10,000 copies of their newly released album on the same day. In addition, B2ST reached #2 on the Daily Charts, while Ryu Shi Won snatched #3.

As a result of 2NE1’s “failure” in the Japanese music market, the media has already started to analyze the cause of their lack of success, as well as the direction of the Hallyu wave. Although certain media outlets have labeled the ‘2NE1′ album as a failure, others have defended the girls’ album. Moreover, situations like these can have an adverse effect on the Hallyu wave.

After the success of the drama “Winter Sonata” in 2002, actors Bae Yong Joon, Ryu Shi Won, Lee Byung Hyun, and others sparked the Hallyu wave. Since their success in the Japanese market, countless of other stars attempted to do the same, as they saw the Hallyu wave as a simple means of making money. As a result, the Hallyu market became deranged in concept; these days, the term ‘Hallyu star’ is used so often that it doesn’t hold the same lustre anymore.

Taking 2NE1’s recent failure into mind, the Hallyu wave should be analyzed more critically so that it may once again spread far and wide.

Source: Sports World via Nate News

Credit : allkpop

~ by ygnxgeneration on March 29, 2011.

3 Responses to “2NE1 comes up short in the Japanese market, but why?”

  1. I don’t get why they made a japanese release, which was more expensive then the actual korean album with more songs, and then the songs werent even in japanese?
    i’ve heard go away in japanese, and a part of love is ouch, so why are they recording songs in japanese, only to release the songs in korean, with less songs for a higher price? it just seems stupid and unreleastic to think that they are going to sell this album when people can just buy the korean album with the full track list at tower records for only like 2000 yen! when is the japanese album coming out?

  2. dont wry 2ne1…keep doing ur bst

  3. This seems a bit premature doesn’t it? Japan just had it worst disaster in their recorded history. Yet all these media outlets can do is say they failed. OMG how stupid can you get!! That would be like me doing a major movie premiere in Hollywood after a asteroid hit there lol. Damn and I thought our entertainment journalist were harsh. Just wait once 2NE1 blows up in the west they will be eating their words!! Can’t Nobody & Claps Your Hands is already getting played in the clubs there and they haven’t even promoted it in US yet. Not to mention they have been mentioned in Vogue magazine and have even gotten the attention of Will.I.Am which will be working on their debut. Ha take that ya hatters!! Damn Korean media I think sometimes wants them to fail. BlackJacks will never give up on our girls. We will fight to the end!!! ^_^

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