Dara talks about her earthquake experience after returning to Seoul

After arriving in Korea on the night of March 12th, 2NE1′s Dara met with reporters outside of Gimpo International Airport and shared her experience in Japan with Star News.

Dara revealed:

“At the time of the earthquake, we were on the 34th floor of our hotel dorm in Tokyo.  Maybe it’s because we were higher up, but things shook a lot more severely, which surprised us all. I thought my body was going to fly out. Even during the plane ride home, I couldn’t calm myself, and thinking about it now still scares me.

After the shaking stopped, we walked from the 34th floor all the way down to the first and relocated to a safer location. There were many things to worry about, including our Japanese fans who were waiting for us in front of the hotel during the time of the actual earthquake.

All of us were very shocked, but we were more worried for the safety of the Japanese people. I genuinely hope that everyone made it out of the disaster safely, and that it doesn’t become magnified.”

When told that her fans were concerned about the bandage she had on her finger, 2NE1’s representatives explained, “It was not because of the earthquake. She got into an accident in the bathroom and put a bandage over it.”

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

Credit: allkpop


~ by ygnxgeneration on March 14, 2011.

One Response to “Dara talks about her earthquake experience after returning to Seoul”

  1. Thats so scary! I’ve been in high hotels and though of how scary it would be if something happened while in one. Someone who was in the quake said it felt like someone ripped carpet out from under your feet. People were squatting to not fall over.

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