2NE1’s debut stage in Japan postponed due to the natural disaster!


YG Entertainment has announced that 2NE1’s Japanese debut has been postponed in light of the horrific 8.8 earthquake and consequential tsunami.

2NE1 flew to Japan earlier this week to prepare for their debut Japanese single, “Go Away“, which was initially slated for release on March 11th. The girls were also preparing for a live performance on AsahiTV’s “Music Station“. All that changed when Japan was rocked by the natural disasters.

YG Entertainment representatives released the following statement:

“The group’s performance on AsahiTV’s “Music Station” was cancelled, consequently pushing back their debut stage. We had originally planned for the group to return to Korea on the 12th; however, due to the closure of all Japanese airports, we will just need to keep a close eye on the situation.”

They continued, “The hotel the group is currently staying at is one of sturdiest buildings in Japan, but even then, the building saw a crack on their wall. We’re upset that they can’t perform their debut stage, but we’re just very thankful that 2NE1 is safe and sound.”

Source: Sports Today via Nate


~ by vipforever on March 12, 2011.

3 Responses to “2NE1’s debut stage in Japan postponed due to the natural disaster!”

  1. OMG!I’m so glad that they’re safe….I do hope that they’ll always take care.^^

  2. My gawd. I hope they’ll be safe…

  3. i love 2ne1…
    xpexali ms. park bom lee!!!
    anhyong haseyo… saranghae…

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