2NE1 celebrated CL’s Birthday

The members of 2NE1 gathered together to celebrate CL’s birthday a day early.

On February 25th, Minzy uploaded a series of photos from CL’s birthday celebration. She narrated the events through the photos saying,

Kyaa~ all of 2NE1 has gathered~!!!!! keke Although CL-unni’s birthday is tomorrow, we all gathered to eat delicious food together~~#^^# CL-unni said she was going to pay today~ keke live broadcast!! Please anticipate the work of writer Ggong (Minzy) and Reporter Ssan (Dara)!

The four of us~^_^ Click keke

Dara-unni~ Violent service!!! keke Cutting food!!

After delivering presents~ From being a trainee to a singer, 2nd time sharing a hug!! keke

Cotton swab girl kekeke

Did girl holding a flower & cake keke

Pushed the small-faced Dara-unni to the front ke!!

Happy Birthday CL!

Check out the photos below!

Credit : allkpop

~ by ygnxgeneration on February 26, 2011.

12 Responses to “2NE1 celebrated CL’s Birthday”

  1. happy birthday cl!

  2. wow…i don’t have anything to say but for me.. 2ne1.. your the best!!..

  3. and happy birthday CL…!!…you are so beautiful here in your picture!.. i love it..i wish in your good health this year so that u and your group can release more beautiful songs…. break a leg!!!…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  4. Happy belated birthday CL, I hope you the best in the coming years and in you many debuts. =]

    P.S. Is that an avocado shake in Dara-unnie’s hand, SO JEALOUS. Lol. u<

  5. happy birthday CL i love you so much
    and i did n’t forget it yeah


  7. happy birthday cl!!! love you 2NE1

  8. Happy b’day CL! love you 😀

  9. Love you CL! 😀 happy birthdaaaaaaay!

  10. hi,belated happy birthday,i wish for you more power and god bless u all.

  11. All of them are soooo pretty!!!


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