[NEWS] Bloomberg discusses the Korean Pop Industry!


Bloomberg Television is a 24-hour global network dedicated to providing viewers with business and financial news. It is distributed globally, reaching over 200 million homes worldwide.

The international success of the Korean pop music industry is growing by the day. Bloomberg’s weekend program, “Monocle”, has chosen this week to feature Seoul, South Korea and its blooming music industry. “Monocle” is a program that highlights particular areas of the globe and discusses a central matter or issue.

Likening the power of Korean pop to music produced in the US, the report raised three main areas of discussion: the Korean pop industry as Korea’s real economic power and most potent export, the significance of social media in the success of Korean pop, and the fact that Korean pop is more than just music, and essentially a package of both visual and audio appeal.

Big Bang’s GD and TOP were also featured briefly as a top, “two of the most recognizable faces in Asia” and appeared in short interview clips, both sharing their views on the industry. TOP commented, “However you look at it, people seem to be feeling a sense of discovery and mystery about Korea. It seems that they’re seeing us in a positive light.” In his turn, GD said, “Right now, to know that a lot of fans around the world are listening to music from our tiny country, it’s got to have a huge effect on the Korean music scene. But, as the situation changes very rapidly, the scene’s got to develop just as fast.”

Another familiar face, YG’s Executive Director, Kim Jinu, was also featured, explaining the reality of the social media reform. He said, “YouTube right now is the best vehicle for us to reach our core demographic audience which is young people. The world, not just Korea – there are no boundaries or borders anymore. We no longer have to rely on TV stations and radio stations. Social networking has been the vehicle of choice.”

Other artists mentioned or showcased throughout the segment included BoA, Girls’ Generation, Epik High, Super Junior, 2NE1, and Wonder Girls along their hit single, “Nobody”. Various excerpts from music videos were shown, as a reinforcement to the proposition that Korean pop is quintessentially very visually synchronized with musical appeal. It was likened to “the Madonna and Michael Jackson days of super hero performances”.

Watch the episode here!

Source: soulmsarang @ Koreaboo


~ by vipforever on February 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “[NEWS] Bloomberg discusses the Korean Pop Industry!”

  1. this was an awesome video, kpops gonna continue the trend and leading the way to the us is 2ne1!

  2. please have a concert in philippines 2ne1…and some mall tours to promote ur album…. i really want 2 have a copy of 2ne1 album. plus their signature/….

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