Minzy tweeted “Good Morning” in 12 languages

It looks like Minzy is getting ready for 2NE1’s impending Hallyu debut!

On January 30th, Minzy posted “Good morning!” on her Twitter in Korean, English, Japanese, Indonesian/Malaysian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, German, French, Italian, and Turkish. That’s a total of 12 different languages!

Later, she gave an extra treat to some lucky fans by personally @replying to them in languages she hadn’t posted in the original tweet.

Source: Twitter

Credit : Allkpop

~ by ygnxgeneration on January 30, 2011.

9 Responses to “Minzy tweeted “Good Morning” in 12 languages”

  1. aweee.she said magandang umaga!

  2. tnx I like your site

  3. Bonjour isn’t good morning in french, bon matin is.

  4. lucky fan!!!

  5. magandang umaga rin Minzy 🙂

  6. when she said in russian,she lost ‘z’ letter and ‘zdravstvujte’ just mean ‘hello’ not ‘good morning’ 😮 but thats doesnt make sence cuz minji is best :O ❤

  7. =) love u minzy sana mag concert sila d2 sa pinas

  8. Minji,bom,dara,cl=2ne1

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