Does Dara-gon exist after all?

Dara talks about her fondness for G-Dragon

2NE1’s Sandara Park revealed an incident with G-Dragon.

On an episode of KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Relay” airing January 28th, Sandara Park revealed “Looking at G-Dragon, I once thought I could date a man like this.”

She continued, “Not too long ago, I went skiing with G-Dragon. Usually he is very shy so he doesn’t even talk much, but he carried my snowboard for me without saying anything.”

G-Dragon responded, “When Sandara was walking down with her snowboard, she looked like she was carrying two people. It looked like she was having trouble so I helped her. I’m rather thankful that she viewed me in a good way.”

Meanwhile, T.O.P, who was listening in, replied, “I didn’t go to the ski resort at the time, but if I had gone, I think that I may have been chosen too.”

Aw, YG-Family love. Fans sure do love seeing artists from the same company maintaining good relationships with each other. Or does Dara-gon exist after all?

~ by ygnxgeneration on January 30, 2011.

5 Responses to “Does Dara-gon exist after all?”

  1. i definitely love daragon!

  2. no daragon, just family/friends. it was a cute situation.

  3. OMG… hehhehe just can’t help myself from smiling upon seeing the video… kiligg!!!!!!!!!

  4. Went to visit the Philippines before with a friend and stayed for 8mos. at that time, Dara was a phenomenon and i became a fan. she was so lovely and transparent that we thought she didn’t suit the show industry. wasn’t surprise when i heard that she started making a name in Korea. she’s quite a gem. we hope she will find the right man for her. whoever it is or will be, we hope he will treat her right. Dara, you have many fans in London who love you. please do come here sometime. until then, you take care of yourself. you look so fragile at times. London.

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