[101230][NEWS] 2NE1’s plans for 2011 from YG-LIFE!

10.12.30 YG-Life Notice Extract: #7 What are 2NE1’s plans to debut in Japan?

Actually, the official plans for 2NE1 to debut in Japan were aimed at the end of last year however,
However the reason for putting off their debut in Japan at the time was that they were still a rookie group who has not been around for very long
And we thought that they should immerse themselves a bit more in Korean activities.

2NE1, who has just finished their first full-length album activities in Korea, is scheduled to make an official debut in Japan starting in February of next year.
The record company that 2NE1 will be working with is, as many expected, “Avex”.

The top owner of “AVEX”, with much affection for 2NE1, will be working with them personally, and as a result, YG
is very excited about 2NE1’s debut and activities in Japan.

2NE1’s first Japan promotions will be two months running from February to March
And during that period of time YG will work our hardest such that
2NE1 will be able to put out a new album in Korea by May~June.

In terms of 2NE1’s American promotions, there has been no set schedule yet.
This is because “Will.I.Am” had just released a new album for Black Eyed Peas and as a result was extremely busy.

There was one incident one day on Yeonpyeong Island, where “Will.I.Am” had asked on the phone “Is 2NE1 okay?”. While in the US, he said that he himself, after watching 2NE1TV became more of a fan, and that sooner or later he would be making more new songs for 2NE1.

There is so many things that I have to say but, for the sake of next time, I shall end it here.

Source: http://yg-life.co.kr
Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com


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  1. heij 2ne1

  2. 2ne1’s success is a blast!

  3. I Love 2Any1 So Much .

  4. go…………gogogogogogogogo.kaya niyo yan girls

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