[TRANSLATIONS] 2NE1 Q&A from K-Star Lovers magazine!


God’s voice which was said by G-Dragon

Q: Is your taste in clothing the same as the clothes you wear on stage?
A: No. At first, I didn’t like it at all. (laugh) I like cute style.

Q: Do you have interests on make-up?
A: Yes, it’s so funny and I’m researching on it.

Q: I think you and Big Bang were together from trainee time. What is Big Bang like?
A: They’re still the same. We always play with Big Bang. We went skiing together yesterday as well. During our training time, we’re always together, and I’m close with GD and SOL. We not only talk about work, but also personal issues.

Q: Do you have any other artists that you are close with?
A: I don’t really know or keep in touch with the artists from other companies.

Q: Where do you mostly shop in Korea?
A: I like select shopping [10 corso como] and [Tom Greyhound] in KangNam.

Q: Among the songs that you have released, which ones would you recommend?
A: “You And I” and “I Don’t Care”

Q: At last, please say something to your Japanese fans.
A: We’re preparing to meet you guys soon. We want to make a new trend. Please enjoy 2NE1’s songs, new fashion, and hot stage.



More charismatic than a man

Q: What’s the difference between 2NE1 and other groups?
A: We set a neutral mood rather than a girly style.

Q: What kind of clothes does CL usually wear?
A: I wear the same style in my daily life. Plenty of clothes I wear on stage are mine.

Q: No matter how bad the situation is, CL won’t lip-synch. This is famous and always been praised.
A: No. When something comes up unexpectedly (T/N: being sick or having a sore throat), we have no choice but to lip-synch. I rather dance instead. We enjoy our music with our fans, so if we do lip-synch, 2NE1’s stage will become insignificant.

Q: Why is CL the leader?
A: Since Bom and Dara are 10 years older than Minzy, we need someone to adjust. So I was appointed to be the leader.

Q: Seems there is a decree by destiny between you and Japan.
A: Yes, I lived in Japan for 2 to 3 years and went to grade five in primary school. I really love Japanese food.

Q: At last, please say something to your Japanese fans.
A: I want to meet everyone there soon and let you guys listen to our music and hold live stages.

With actual strength and appearance!

Q: What kind of make-up do you like?
A: I think bringing my eyes out is suitable for me. Compare to make-up, hair style acquires more attention. At first, my hair looks like topknot with all my hair tied. Though our president was too excited to say “No” I like this.

Q: Among the Big Bang members, who are you close with?
A: No one. (laugh) I’m still awkward with them even though I have known them for 5 to 6 years. I receive messages from them like on my birthday or encouragement when I go on TV and I meet with them whenever I have the chance.

Q: Please recommend some stores you always go to.
A: I like fast-food restaurants like, School Food.

Q: What kind of fashion do you like?
A: I like T-shirts and denim. I don’t like feminine style. I refused immediately when my stylist gave me a skirt. (laugh)

Q: You always carry a big bag around. What’s in it?
A: My mobile phone, of course my purse, tissues, without them, I will feel uneasy. Lip balm and hand cream.

Q: At last, say something to your Japanese fans.
A: I’m working hard to learn Japanese. I’m learning so that I can communicate with you guys. Please wait a moment. Support us please.

Innocent dancing
Talented girl, Minzy

Q: What’s your weapon to attract fans?
A: Dance! That is my most confident one. (laugh)

Q: Are you close with Big Bang, who is in the same company as you?
A: Yes. I’m close with each of them. GD oppa helps us with accessories and choosing with us and gives us advice when we shooting a music video or photoshoot. We also watch T.O.P oppa’s TV show and make a phone call after the show to support him and tell him, “today’s show was great.” And I always meet SOL oppa at the company when he’s exercising or practicing, and he also give us some advice. (T/N: 2 words can not be seen clearly from the scan)

Q: Despite friends in your company, do you have any other close artists?
A: In the same generation, IU and I sometimes contact with each other and I give her a key chain as a present.

Q: At last, please say something to your Japanese fans.
A: I want to make many powerful stages with Japanese fans. In order to do that, I’m studying and learning Japanese. We will meet you soon (in Japanese), please love us.

Scans by: bomico:) @ DC2NE1
Translated by: Didikuro @ 21bangs.com



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  1. 1 word… “beauty”

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