2NE1’s Print Ads for Yamaha Fiore

Earlier today, 2NE1 released their music video for “Don’t Stop the Music“. The track was created for the endorsement of Yamaha Fiore scooters in Thailand.

Now, some print advertisement of the girls for Yamaha Fiore have been revealed.

The ads reveal the tag lines: “Fiore smart’n in style” and “Make up your trend with 2NE1″ with one picture showing three of the 2NE1 members looking amazed at Sandara Park on the scooter.


~ by ygnxgeneration on December 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “2NE1’s Print Ads for Yamaha Fiore”

  1. Wow .. They are so cute , but minji is the cutest from them all!!! ^.^ ♥ Lov ya Minji ~ ♥

  2. CL ~!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi 😀 im from Europa

    Now i know 😀 why japanese childerens are stupids 😀 omg


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