[11.07.10] 2NE1- It Hurt’s @ Inkigayo!

After their surprising absence from the other three major music shows this week, 2NE1 feeds hungry Blackjacks with another astounding It Hurts performance.

First off, I am sure you were just as proud as I was to see that Go Away was STILL in the Take 7 even after all this time (8 weeks and counting, not too bad). Although they did not win, I am happy that Go Away is having such longevity amongst some seriously stiff competition.

Now on to the main event, the media continues to talk about It Hurts and fans continue to rewatch the MV over and over ;). Last week they were raving about 2NE1’s “amazing transformation” now they are being touted as “fantasy 2NE1” either way its great that they are being applauded for this masterpiece.

It Hurts is also the very first SBS live performance to be uploaded to 2NE1‘s official YT channel. let’s hope tonights performance is uploaded as well, because it may have been even better than last week’s.

source: ygladies



~ by vipforever on November 8, 2010.

One Response to “[11.07.10] 2NE1- It Hurt’s @ Inkigayo!”

  1. It such a nice song~im so proud of 2ne1~..2ne1 is the best i cant w8 to their song w/ Will.i.am~saranghe ma best friend 2ne1^~^ 2ne1 is unique right?

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