Come on Blackjacks! Vote for 2NE1 now for 2010 MAMA Awards. I just visited the site and kinda disappointed and happy with some of the current ranks. So, wake up Blackjacks and vote for them!  We need your vote.

These are the current ranks that 2NE1 has nominated :


So what are you waiting for Blackjacks??? The voting will stop on 21st November. Vote for them till the last day. ^.^

Here’s a video Dara promoting MAMA Award in Tagalog. She speaks tagalog!

Credit : lislmae


~ by ygnxgeneration on October 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “Come on BLACKJACKS!”

  1. How can I vote for 2ne1 ??

  2. when i press the certification,my hotmail does not hav any e-mail from them. can u please tell me y??

  3. me too! i use hotmail and i dont get an email from them

  4. no matter how hard i try to be a member i cant……i used yahoo email buh a dailogue box appears all in korean words nd i dont understant it……….i tried to translate the page buh 😦

    maybe u should give me the account name nd password LOL haha

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