How to register for 2010 MAMA Award in Macau? <— For foreigner


Sorry for the very late update about the “2010 MAMA Award” which going to be held in Macau on 28th November!

So,yeah i am updating tutorial to register on Mnet website for foreigner. It’s the same as the tutorial i’ve made for “2009 MAMA Award” but i’ll just posting up the new one because i just have to give you all the new vibe for this year’s MAMA Award. ^.^

We will begin our tutorial right about NOW!

(Click the picture to enlarge)

1st Step :

Advisable to use Internet Explorer

Go to

As you can see the voting has started and it will end on 21st November. So, start your journey now by voting your favorite artists.

2nd step :

After clicking the “Voting START” button. Pop-up will appear to log in. If you’re already a member you can just log in. For unregistered member, click the “Join Mnet” button. 🙂

3rd step :

“Check” all the green highlighted(Terms and Condition) that i have made on the pictures. After checked all, click “Save”

4th step :

Fill up your details. For the “Email Validation”, it is advisable you use yahoo email.(If it’s okay using other emails, then go with it). Enter your email, then click “Certification”. Check your email for “Mnet’s email”. It could be found in spams/junks. After you got your “Authentic No.”,enter the number you have been given.

5th step :

Click login.

6th step :

Enter your details. Then,log in.

7th step :

After logged-in, you will be redirect to Mnet’s main page. Click the “2010 MAMA Award” small icon above the page to start voting.

8th step :

Lists of nominees have been listed in every categories. Just go to the icons and they will flip all the nominees. If you don’t understand who has been nominated you can go to ALLKPOP for the list. After you already complete your votes,click the yellow highlighted(in the picture) to confirmed.

Then, you’re done for the day. Remember you can only vote once a day! So wait for 24-hours to vote. Thank you for taking your time reading this tutorial. Happy Voting! 🙂

Have a nice day,Blackjacks!


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~ by ygnxgeneration on October 29, 2010.

33 Responses to “How to register for 2010 MAMA Award in Macau? <— For foreigner”

  1. could someone help me? after i’ve placed my email, the “Certification” button does not work.

  2. it didnt come out a notification saying they hv sent the authentic number is it? what kind of browser r u using?

  3. finally after many tries it worked!!!!
    Use internet Explorer, others do not display everything. I tried firefox and google chrome then IE finally worked.
    BUT i tried with many emails and ended up creating a NEW yahoo mail. make sure it’s .com or something international. 🙂

  4. THANK YOU!!!! *hug*

  5. wow! i’ll vote everyday!!!! i remember the melon awards, i voted like a hundred times, make sure to vote 2ne1 in categories they are available, and park bom too

  6. i can’t click on the certification button! T.T how?

    • r u using internet explorer? if u do, try again later. or check your connection

    • it happened to me and it was because i didn’t use internet explorer. Other web browsers didnt show all content and I thought i filled in everything but obviously I didn’t so I couldn’t press the certification button. Use IE or double check if you have filled in everything correctly.

  7. ur so great! thanks so muuuchhh!!! ^_^

  8. i used IE and it worked! thanks ygnxgen! 🙂 (hope 2ne1 wins in every category!) GO BlackJacks!

  9. hey guys!! just wanna ask…are u gonna pay anything, anything at all after you join or sign up for an account in MAMA?? im kinda worried…i really wanna vote for 2ne1..but i dont want my parets to pay for anything..

    • no u dont need to pay anything!! its free like every other site!! only if u buy music then thats wen u pay but its free for voting and all that!!

  10. i am stuck at step 4.. i couldnt receive mnet’s email..i hv checked my junks/spams.. even typed in ‘mnets email’
    im usin hotmail btw:(
    i really want to vote for 2ne1 T.T
    can anyone tell me whats d prob?

  11. I don’t know why it won’t let me join, I used a yahoo mail and got my code by it keeps on saying something about my password. Anyone help?

  12. thanks for the instructions! waaah. go C.N. Blue!!! 🙂

  13. I dunno why but I can’t join D;
    And I’m using IE and have tried yahoo, gmail and msn. But the authentication number still won’t come ==”

  14. hey it wont let me finishh…i did everything…but it wont let me go to completion…and my password is letters and numbers…


    BLACKJACKS wake up! 2ne1 is winning on 3 out of 5 categories, how about the other 2!! they have to win it all! only us can give them that awards! those 5 awards! all of it! :p
    help all YG stars!

    vote now!go to to register and voteand for those who need instructions on how to register & vote go to

    DILEMMA: its hard to chose between Taeyang & 2ne1 😥

  16. i got through everything even put in the Authentic No. but when i click save it gives me some pop up and went back to previous page again…

  17. same here! 😦
    I cannot seem to register.
    I’ve done and followed everything that was written here but when I already finished filling up the personal info and copy&paste the authentication number & save everything, a pop-up appears and i cannot proceed to completion. 😦

  18. After I was done with step 4. I clicked Save and a pop up window with hangul showed up and I clicked okay and it’s still in the registration page. I’ve been trying for weeks to register and it’s too frustrating for me.

  19. hmm….i can’t sign up in the site…i don’t know what’s my authentic number!!!huhuhT_T….can anyone help me?..i can’t vote….:c

    • use google (gmail) or yahoo they will send ur authentic number if u have a yahoo account they will send it right away the same goes to google too but hotmail they will not send it right away and make sure u CLICK ONCE on “certification” k n check ur SPAM box!

  20. eh how to vote for 2ne1 teach me can?

  21. I cannot seem to register.
    i couldnt receive mnet’s email..i hv checked my junks/spams..
    i try so many time but it not work.

    could someone help me??
    i need a help!!

  22. im done! thanks to ur tutorial! we’re 2ne1! fighting! =)

  23. go this site to vote 2ne1 in english when making an mnet account used internet explorer but when voting googles can be used. 2ne1 is now leading in best mv, best dance performance by female group and best female group. and also bom is also leading for her solo you and i. ahhhhhhhh so proud. continue to vote please.

  24. no authentic no. were sent to my email. .i cant vote

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