[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 on their album, other girl groups and dating!

2NE1 is definitely dominating the music market lately with their triple hit songs ranking in every music chart and maintaining its top position for over 10 days. The four ladies sat down for an interview with Star News to update everyone on their recent events.

– There’s been a huge reaction about 2NE1’s first official album. How do you feel?
Dara: I’m extremely thankful and I feel great. I often think that we’re blessed children, haha. I hope that everyone continues to enjoy our performances.
Bom: We worked hard on making this album to fulfill the anticipation of those that waited for us. I feel like our efforts have been delivered well so I’m happy.

– A triple track promotion is something that doesn’t happen often. Which song out of the three do you like the most?
CL: With every new song that we obtained, we realized that we wanted to show all of them on stage. We chose three songs in the end, but all three of them have such different charms and colors that it’s hard to pick just one favorite.
Minzy: Since we were on hiatus for a year, we wanted to show everyone various sides of us. I love all three songs, but if I had to choose, I’d pick ‘Go Away.’ It’s a very refreshing song that a lot of women can compare to.

– 2NE1 achieved outstanding results with your debut single ‘Fire’ and first mini album, ‘I Don’t Care.’ Did you feel any pressure while releasing your first official album?
Bom: We talk about this often amongst ourselves, but we like to take the pressure positively. Instead of just feeling it, we use it to motivate ourselves to work harder.
Dara: Of course there is pressure. But as opposed to feeling the pressure, we worked that much harder to deliver a new sense of joy to our fans. We, too, wanted to have fun as well, which is why we chose three title songs.

– Why did your first album take longer than planned?
Minzy: I believe it’s because we worked hard in making sure that we came out with a more perfect, completed image of ourselves in order to fulfill the anticipation that people had.
CL: It took a bit of time collecting each song one by one. Each song is not just a song meant to fill up space but a song that represents our first album. Taking that into consideration, it took longer than we thought.

– During 2NE1’s hiatus, other girl groups have been making their way into the market. Weren’t you impatient?
Bom: We weren’t impatient, but we really did want to perform on stage. Still, we had to come out with good songs so we worked harder on our music production.
Minzy: I was actually glad. I feel great as a fellow girl group when I see other groups showing powerful, fun, and sometimes cool sides of themselves.

– In comparison to other girl groups, what do you consider your strength?
CL: Our music, of course. We trust our producer, Teddy oppa. I think it’s important for any singer to love their songs. We truly, truly love our songs which is why I think it’s easy for us to have so much fun performing.
Bom: I think individually, the four of us have different strengths.

– SNSD, KARA, 4Minute, and other Korean girl groups are working in the Japanese music market right now. Does 2NE1 have any similar plans?
Dara: Since it’s just our first album, I want to concentrate on working in Korea. Overseas expansions… that’s up to CEO Yang. ^^
Minzy: There are plans but nothing is official yet. I think it’d be great if we received an opportunity to do so, but we already had everyone in Korea wait so long for us. We’re just going to put our all into our first album promotions for now.

– You worked with Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am. How was that like? When will your American album be released?
Bom: We were able to learn a lot. I felt that he was truly passionate about music. I think our American album will be released once it’s more carefully checked over.
Dara: It was a dream-like experience. Working with him didn’t feel like work but just play. He was so friendly and fun. Will oppa, I miss you. haha.

– Yang Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment CEO & Founder) cut back your dating restriction from five years down to three years. Do you ever want to date?
Dara: I’m honestly worried. If there were any guys around me, I’d consider dating, but there’s nobody. I’m about to become an old single lady. CEO~ Please introduce me to someone.
Bom: I’d like to date but I’d rather concentrate on 2NE1’s promotions… We still have a few years left. ^^;

– Yang Hyun Suk’s daughter was born at 2:01 and called her a ‘2NE1 jackpot.’ How did you feel when you heard this?
CL: It was surprising, but I also felt that he was concentrating on our album very hard as well.
Bom: I could feel his affection for us so I was happy but it also made me want to work harder.

– Is there anything most memorable about this album?

Minzy: Our YG family really loves 2NE1. All of them supported us by complimenting our songs and claiming themselves as our fans. What I remember the most is Yang CEO quietly shouting ‘fighting!’ before our first broadcast performance and quickly disappearing.
Dara: The day before our first broadcast, our CEO told us us ‘fighting!’ in a tiny voice and quickly left the room without even looking back. It was surprising but also touching as well.

– Any future plans?

2NE1: We will be seeing everyone on music programs with our three songs. We’ll be working hard to show fun performances so please have fun as well watching them. We hope that you give us a lot of love into the future.

source: allkpop



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  1. Congratulations for 2NE1…!!!and keep work

  2. yayayaya
    lets go 2ne1

  3. I love the dating part answered by Dara And Bom!

  4. Hi my super stars, my idol. I like you so much. I’m your fans in Cambodia we really want you to come to my country.

  5. Dara can get anywhere but those guys are just afraid?He got so much fanboys!

  6. they are so cute even in answering!!
    I super love the answer of dara about dating!

  7. =)

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