[Eng Sub]2NE1 TV Season 2 (EP.2)!




~ by vipforever on September 22, 2010.

12 Responses to “[Eng Sub]2NE1 TV Season 2 (EP.2)!”

  1. Poor Park Bom, Did one of her family member died??
    She’s really crying hard 😦 so sad …
    and Dara is on the hospital what happen ??
    I’m really curious ..
    Can’t wait for the ep 3 😦 😦 😦
    I think I’m going to cry too…

  2. where are the videos??? O_O

  3. Waaah! Subtitles please!

  4. nakx.. it`s blocked again:(

  5. do u guys know that YG is now posting 2NE1tv on youtube!! .. it’s on 2NE1’s official channel! .. they’re gonna sub it in english too!! ^_^

  6. i heard something about park bommie`s crying hard from someone which is her pets loss. ……..

  7. omg nxt week’s episode looks sad i feel sry 4 bom and dara

  8. LOL :p … Bommie Unnie is sooo funny wen she’s trying to comfort Dara Unniee! .. she’s like w. u we’d be the monster family! ^_^ soo cutee!

  9. People thought that park bom cried because of her dog died, but it was not. She was crying over her Aunt that raised her in the US.

  10. hi im waxyangel from the philipines i like your hair style and i like bom and dara

  11. hi my name nana i live in pp i love 2ne1 so much i hope i can see you in pp. i love 2ne1 because you have a lot of style and you face so cute . you very funny make happy when i see you in 2ne1tv . i love 2ne1tv. i love sandara bom cl and minzy so much.

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