2NE1 to be on Win Win

We don’t really ever get to see 2NE1 on variety shows, so fans should be pumped for this one.

Win Win” will have the four girls guest on their show for an upcoming episode. It doesn’t look like it’s even been filmed yet, but there is an episode in the making, so get ready.

On Nate News, “Win Win” has posted a survey asking netizens to answer the question, “Why can’t we ever see 2NE1 on variety shows?” Netizens are supposed to answer, and the funniest and smartest answers will be read off on the show.

Their appearance hasn’t been confirmed, but this is something “Win Win” does before having any guest on the show, so it’s relevant to speculate that these girls will be appearing.

Netizens answered the question,

“They don’t need to do variety shows. Their selcas are funny enough. Their mystique would be gone.”
“They want to be recognized for the talents as singers first. Then they can do variety shows.”
“Because they’re bad with variety shows?”
“2NE1TV is enough.”

What do you guys think is the answer?



~ by ygnxgeneration on September 19, 2010.

One Response to “2NE1 to be on Win Win”

  1. is wooyoung still do hosting in win win? i wish his still der so dat he can see dara..yeee

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