[100825][NEWS] 2NE1’s 11 min. Time Slot on “Suspicious”, Performance “Great!”

Popular girl group 2ne1 has come back on , and many netizens are talking about it.

On the 12th, through Inkigayo, 2ne1 came back with 11 minutes of performing time of “Clap your Hands”, “Go Away”, and “Can’t Nobody”.

Because the stage was over 10 minutes, netzens have said that although they are popular, they are still a new group and aren’t qualified to have the privilege of performing for over 10 minutes.

Netizens have said “The stage was just boring to people who do not like 2ne1”, “I don’t know if 2ne1 deserves to be able to sing 3 songs.”

Other people have said that 2ne1’s comeback stage was the best and after the performance, have said, “2ne1 really is great”, “All the songs are so good that I wonder which one they will promote”, “2ne1 really has the best live performances”.

On that day, 2ne1 performed all of the songs live and gave a powerful performance.

Netizens have many comments on this comeback stage and the Inkigayo home page’s server is having a hard time.

2ne1’s first full album came out on the 9th and they have started the engine for promoting their songs.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100912n10662
Translated by 21kristine @ ygladies.com



~ by vipforever on September 13, 2010.

One Response to “[100825][NEWS] 2NE1’s 11 min. Time Slot on “Suspicious”, Performance “Great!””

  1. I think that stupid people should stop hating 2NE1 right now.In the future it won’t suit very well ^-^
    The blog is amazing gals! Keep the good job! Cheers from Brasil ~

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