What is 2NE1’s secret weapon for the global market?

The four unique girls of 2NE1 are targeting the world market.

Fans are looking forward to seeing if 2NE1 will be able to become world stars with their first official album, “To Anyone“, as the group is looking to build up an international fanbase before starting promotions in Japan next year.

2NE1 launched their album not only in Korea, but also on Apple’s iTunes. YG Entertainment has already successfully launched and marketed Taeyang’s first solo album “Solar” internationally through iTunes.

Although there were no promotions in America, this album became the first Asian artist’s album to climb to 2nd place on U.S. iTunes’ R&B sales and even 1st place in Canada. Considering that the album was produced in Korean, this was a very surprising result. Taeyang even responded with surprise, “At first, I couldn’t even believe that I had fans in such a far place.

2NE1 is also releasing their music videos globally through its Youtube channel. YG Entertainment plans to use Youtube to introduce 2NE1 to the global music market. Recently, social media such as Youtube and Twitter have become important tools for breaking into the initially difficult to approach American and European music markets.

One of 2NE1’s new album’s title tracks, “Can’t Nobody“, was produced in both Korean and English. Three of the four members are fluent in English, which helps in preparation for foreign markets.

2NE1 has already collaborated with famous American pop group Black Eyed Peas‘ leader and producer, will.i.am. will.i.am was intrigued after watching 2NE1’s music video, expressing that he wanted to try producing 2NE1 himself, and that he would actively assist the group’s advance into the American music industry. He is confident that 2NE1 would be able to appeal to the global market.

A YG representative stated, “When foreigners listen to 2NE1 for the first time, they enjoy the music without any cultural distance or strangeness. Many respond in surprise, saying, ‘Asian girls sing this kind of song?’ To them, 2NE1’s songs are beyond Asian, Korean, or foreign. Their songs sound familiar and have a global feel. This is 2NE1’s appeal in the global market.

Nothing is official about 2NE1’s international promotions, as specific details are yet to be discussed, but YG stressed that 2NE1 has not forgotten that their most important priority lies in domestic promotions.

Source: Sports Chosun



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