12.09.2010 2NE1’s Comeback on Inkigayo

What do you think about their performance?


~ by ygnxgeneration on September 12, 2010.

9 Responses to “12.09.2010 2NE1’s Comeback on Inkigayo”

  1. hi……………….. im so very proud to uou 2ne1 because u are thw best k pop i wish to you good to our carer and god bless

  2. 2ne1 will rule our world again.

    2ne1 rocks!!!



  3. As always AWESOME performance!

  4. with this comeback, its all worth every second!
    2NE1 Fighting!!! :))

    keep on supporting and loving the Fiercest Group ever! 😀
    NOLJA!!! :))

  5. 2NE1 worth-it comeback!!!
    Fighting! :))

  6. Worth-it comback!!!

  7. Sooo good!!! Love them!!

  8. 2ne1 is BACK!!!! love, love, love their comeback performance…11 minutes is all worth the wait!!!

  9. 2ne1 the BEST,…!!!

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