[09.12.10] DARA- ME2DAY

와 쌉?!? 방금 인기가요 사전녹화 끝내고 경주드림콘서트 하러 공항가는중이에요! 오늘 다들 수고 많았어요!!!^^ 응원소리가 무슨~ ㅋ 우리가 항상 밍끼 목소리 크다고 확성기라고 부르는데 오늘오신 그대들이야말로 진정한 확성기!!ㅋ 최고! 조심히들어가요~^.*
Whassup?!? We just finished prerecording for Inkigayo and now we’re on our way to the airport to go do the Kyungjoo Dream Concert! Everyone worked very hard today!!!^^ The cheering sounds were like woah~ ke we always say that Mingki’s voice is loud and like a speakerphone but you guys who came today are truly speakerphones!! ke The best! Please go home safely~^.*

credit: ygladies



~ by vipforever on September 12, 2010.

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