[100908][ARTICLE] Well-Dressed Girl Group ‘2NE1’ sporting a Rock-Chic Look!

Stylish girl group ‘2NE1’ comes back into the music scene with ‘To Anyone.’

With their previous album, 2NE1 had changed the course of fashion with their tacky and child-like, but stylish, the so-called ‘kitsch’ fashion with a mix of hip-hop. The group along with the ‘Kitsch’ fashion, also made the It items, ripped leggings and stockings, a hit and became known as the stylish girl group. 2NE1 puts the internet in a frenzy again with their comeback.

It is predicted that 2NE1 will cause a music and fashion industry boom again in the latter half of they year.

The newly revealed album style is different from 2NE1’s previous styles, in that they call it ‘Rock Chic Look’ and tie it together while the variation of the look arises to fit each member’s image.

‘Rock-Chic Look’ is a style that rock stars use, with a free yet edgy fashion that expresses the rebellious nature with a dark smoky make up as a point. Also, Rock-Chic Look uses black as the keyword.

Sexy Black and Geometrical Prints ‘Sandara Park’

Sandara Park with the most feminine concept of the 4, expressed Rock-Chic melted in femininity with a black shirt and sexy leggings to match. She also showed a unique style of her own with a geometrical print dress.

Golden Hair with Studs and a Leather Jacket Style… ‘CL’

CL gave a point in her styling with the eye-catching golden hair. She livened up her style by dressing up in a fierce studded leather jacket with black skinny pants to emphasize her curves. In some ways an icon of Rock-Chic Look, the styling of the black colored clothing items gave off an image of sexy and fighter.

Styled with Character T-Shirt and Leather Jacket ‘Park Bom’

Park Bom also put a point in her style with her wine-colored hair, and added a cute yet sexy look with a unique face print t-shirt and a leather vest. As much as Rock Chic can not be without accessories, she put a finishing touch with a hot-fix bracelet on her wrist.
In the album jacket photo, she showed off a neutral yet chic look with a white t-shirt and a Napoleon jacket. In the previous album she gained attention with her body curves emphasized by the one-piece dress and leggings, and this time she shows off her beautiful legs once again with short pants.

Feminine yet Boyish Charm ‘Gong Minji’

2NE1’s youngest Gong Minji received attention for the mix of Feminine and boyish qualities in her charm. Wearing a wig of two black side ponytails, a striped top with a psychedelic feel and a leather belt on top of it, she produced a charm of her own as she showed off a cute yet boyish charm.

As 2NE1’s ‘Rock-Chic Look’ is increasingly anticipated, what about styling yourself with a Rock-Chic Look this latter half of the year?

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100909n10295

Translated by orangie@YGLadies.com



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