09.10.2010 2NE1 “Go Away” Music Video

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I do not own this download link. Credit goes to ihoneyjoo.



~ by vipforever on September 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “09.10.2010 2NE1 “Go Away” Music Video”

  1. he did not just hit her!!!!!! what an a** . guys like him should just “go away” go go 2NE1

  2. that a** did not just hit CL!
    2ne1 should get big bang and se7en on his a**.
    hahaha but i love the song. go away. love it!
    i love 2ne1 so glad that they’re back. ^^

  3. Oh god, I’m watching it again.. Can’t control myself.. haha! :))

    I wanna see them perform this LIVE! can’t wait..

    Keep on shining 2ne1

  4. I really hate that F*uckin’ guy.. How dare he hurt our precious Cl.

    anyway, All I can say for this MV is bravo.

    Keep on shining 2ne1

  5. I love 2ne1 ! what a FIERCE MV !

  6. Yeaaaah, man! That’s what you freakin’ get for hitting CL!

  7. tahnk you admin abi

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