2NE1’s New Album is Out!

2NE1 fans, wait no more! The girls’ long-awaited first album, “To Anyone” is finally out for purchase! Check out the songs below, and be sure to support your favorite artist by buying your album from yesasia, dvdheaven, ygeshop or any sites/places selling it.

What do you think of the new songs?

credit: soompi



~ by vipforever on September 9, 2010.

21 Responses to “2NE1’s New Album is Out!”

  1. 2ne1 is a great band ❤ their my favourite..welcome back 2ne1 ❤ ❤

  2. wow, so AWESOME~
    i keep playing “I’m Busy” and “It Hurts”
    but all of the songs are great~!
    LET’S GO 2NE1 ^^

  3. omg love it!!! still love it hurts sooo much

  4. Yay thanks for posting!! Sounds great. When will it be It be on iTunes?

  5. okay i know cl is the leader and all and dara is her bestfriend but they didnt have to have them all in the songs taking most of the parts… minji and bom are the strongest singers in the whole band… you know what im not very impressed

  6. dara is CL’s best friend? i dont kno where u gettin this info from… but i dont think u can say they took over all the songs cuz everyone seemed pretty equal in the songs to me. and CL is an amazing singer despite her being a rapper. “cant nobody” english version i thought was much better than the korean one for some reason. they all sound great! cant wait till my actual album comes in the mail!!

  7. Skits- I think that all of the members had an equal amount of voice time on the WHOLE album. Of course not everyone would have equal amounts of voice time in each and every song, but I think that each member was represented well and in the right form. To Anyone is AMAZING! I love the whole album!

    • did you not reread what you wrote…. o.O in a band everyone has equal parts like big bang… they are very equal…

  8. Love it ! all the songs especially GO AWAY

  9. I wasnt going to say this because I know people have problems tolerating others opinions (not sure about this site, it just happens everywhere y’know? ;p) but I don’t like 2NE1’s new style at all. D:
    Minji looks gothic and I hate Bom’s hair!
    The songs are great but I liked how they sounded in their older songs better.

    BUUUUT all in all I’m more happy for them than anything and I will totally be there on Youtube when the videos are posted. ;D

  10. 2ne1 Nolja! My personal favorites: Go away, I’m busy and Love is ouch. The other songs are also great but then this is only m opinion. I predict these 3 songs will be best selling. I also hope they’ll do an MV for IB and LIO.

  11. Our long wait is over!
    I’m so happy!
    Good luck.


  12. I don’t know about there new songs, the autotune is too much in my opinion. There’s enough of that here in the states, but I love 2ne1 nonetheless. There softer songs are amazing! I can’t wait for there videos too! 🙂

  13. the songs was block?????

  14. whooo!!!~O0O welcumback 2NE1!

  15. awwwwww, d video’s been removed… wwhhhhhhhyyyy??? plz put it bk 🙂

  16. sandara’s voice is so good!not like b4!!!!!!!

  17. minzy .. . . . .($ $)…………..

  18. whooo 2ne1!!! your the best that’s why you are my idol…goodluck for your concert…
    jejejejejeje…2ne1 is the great…CL, Boom, Sandara and Minzy is the great…2ne1 forever…

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