[9/9/10 Comeback Updates] 2NE1 “To Anyone” Message on Cyworld

There is only one day remaining before 2NE1’s much anticipated album ‘To Anyone‘ drops, and to further heighten the hype before the big day, 2NE1  recently did a video message for Cyworld’s Gift Shop.

In the video, 2NE1’s leader CL starts off with introducing their upcoming album, followed by each of the members describing the three title tracks they have in store.

You can see Dara’s excitement as she explains that the song ‘Can’t Nobody’ is a track where it just makes you want to dance. She even gives a sneak preview of the choreography.

They continue on to describe their ‘Clap Your Hands’ and ‘Go Away’ songs. As Bom describes, ‘Go Away’ is a song you can listen to when you’re mad at boys and you want to tell them to ‘Go Away’, with CL adding that it can be considered as an upgrade from their last hit ‘I Don’t Care’, and is a song specifically for all the ladies.

In regards to their music videos, Dara says they spent one week filming the ‘Can’t Nobody’ MV. For the ‘Go Away’ MV, they explain that it is a very dramatic video, where CL gets into fights in the rain and transforms into a female racer. They go on to explain that the ‘Clap Your Hands’ MV focuses mainly on the choreography as the dance moves are very unique from the usual.

They also talk about the times they spent for the recording of their new album, revealing that they recorded their ‘Can’t Nobody’ track back in February/March, and that they sometimes get confused between the English and Korean versions.

They finally end the video message with their hopes that everyone enjoys their new album, and asks us anticipate their comeback as they will be doing more promotions and activities compared to last year.

Here’s a poster for you. Click the image to enlarge (High Definition)

Credit: Allkpop + YG-life.com

Picture reuploaded by


~ by ygnxgeneration on September 8, 2010.

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