[100903][NEWS] YG-Life’s Note about To 2NE1 Album Promotion

– Will be released on 2NE1’s YouTube artist channel (MV will be released first online)

– Includes CGV-screen advertising and photography in cinemas (2NE1 album to have 30-second ads before movies, 200 million KRW equivalent)

– At CGV theater’s in major metropolitan areas – 2NE1 albums sold with a popcorn combo set

– 3 CGV cinema 4D screenings for the MV (includes 4D PLEX in theaters, MV will include 4D effects such as chair vibrations and winds)

– 2 45-seat buses and 10 BMW MINIs will have vehicle wrappers promoting 2NE1’s album

– Music stores nationwide and Etude stores (cosmetics), Bean Pole Jean stores, CGV cinemas, GS25s, VIPS and Twosome stores will distribute promotional brochures about albums.

– Album will be available in major music stores on 9/9, 2NE1 DAY, along with promotional t-shirts.

source: http://www.yg-life.com/
translated by: nathaniel @ ygladies



~ by vipforever on September 5, 2010.

One Response to “[100903][NEWS] YG-Life’s Note about To 2NE1 Album Promotion”

  1. Wow! That’s what you call PROMOTION! I hope that our girls will do well in charts! *crosses fingers*

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