What will 2NE1’s comeback mean for K-pop?

The four member girl group, 2NE1, is set to finally drop their first full album this coming September 9th, and they will make their first comeback stage on the following 12th on SBS Inkigayo.

It was recently revealed that 2NE1 will be promoting all three title tracks from their album at the same time. The music video for ‘Go Away’ is currently being filmed, while the remaining two have yet to be confirmed.

Releasing more than one title track, let alone promoting all three at the same time, is definitely a new and unprecedented marketing strategy in the K-pop industry. As YG Entertainment explained it, their main priority is to spread 2NE1’s various music styles rather than winning first place.

So what will this new strategy mean for the marketing strategy in K-pop?

There are views that this will mark a great change in the idol music industry. In a situation where the excessive sexy concept and similar sounding hooks in songs have swept through the K-pop industry, 2NE1’s strategy will not only be fresh, but also unconventional.

With the Wonder Girls, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls and other popular girl groups away and busy with overseas activities, it can be expected that 2NE1’s comeback will be able to happily satisfy thirsty fans through their colorful music.

Source: OSEN Credit: Allkpop



~ by vipforever on September 1, 2010.

One Response to “What will 2NE1’s comeback mean for K-pop?”

  1. they will definately live up to our high expectations… their songs will soar up to the charts leaving the fans wanting for more…it’s been quite some time that the world has taken its rest….with 2ne1 it will be a wild blast that will send our sleepy eyes wide awake 😉

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