2NE1, To Be Japan’s “Female TVXQ”?

Japan’s “Girl Group Wave” is in the rise, and now, girl group 2NE1 debuting in Japan has garnered attention as the “Female TVXQ.

According to officials, recently, Japan’s Avex, TVXQ’s Japan entertainment agency, was known to keep in touch with 2NE1’s entertainment agency officals. The officials said, “2NE1 has caught the attention of Avex with their unique music and concept,” he said, “Avex is likely to be 2NE1’s agency in Japan,” he reported.

Next year, 2NE1 would be debuting in Japan, as mentioned by the head of YG Entertainment Agency, when he gave an online statement last month, saying, “Early next year, 2NE1 would be debuting in Japan.”

2NE1 would be making their comeback in the music industry on September 9. 2NE1 has been on hiatus for over one year and 2 months after finishing promotions for their mini-album single, “I Don’t Care” on July last year.

Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100901n08789

Translated by knucklepink @ ygladies.com



~ by vipforever on September 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “2NE1, To Be Japan’s “Female TVXQ”?”

  1. woah!
    so much pressure!
    they arent even back yet^^
    i love my 2NE1 and im confident in them but i dont think they need another “female BigBang” tag with them.
    now it’s “female TVXQ?”
    theyre gonna get stoned by SM fanatics. LOL
    but all the best to 2NE1! theyre only going up!

  2. I know they’re gonna be successful. Keep up the good work 2ne1!

  3. gO 2ne1……..Your thE best
    2nE1 roCks…..
    Your tHe best……:D

  4. They are not ”Female TVXQ”
    They are ”Female BIG BANG!!! ”
    2NE1 Jjang !!!

  5. I can’t wait to see them! .. super!

    Good luck girls!

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