[08.20.10] Dara Me2day!

Orginal: 아이들을 숙소로 보내고 난 짱매와 삼겹살먹으러옴 ! ㅋ 배가 고파서….^^; 먹고 이제 쉬어야되여! 잘먹고 컨디션 조절 잘해야하거덩요! 내일두 ~ 열심히 찍어야..헉 흠흠흠 매일매일 연습 등등으로 준비중이라~^^ 으히히! 홧팅홧팅 야야야!!!

Translation: Sent the kids back to the apartment and I came to eat Korean barbeque pork with Jjangoo manager ! ke Because we were hungry….^^; After eating now I should go rest! After eating a lot, I have to ensure that my condition is good! Tomorrow too ~ must work hard to film.. huk hmm hmm hmm Every day we’re busy practising and preparing, etc~ ^^ Ehehe! Fighting fighting ya ya ya!!!

Orginal: 에뛰드 핑크플레이 콘서트 마치고 숙소로돌아옴! 오랜만에 공연이라 또 재밋게놀다왔지요 ㅋ 재밌었어요? 비밀많은 여자들이라 꽁꽁 싸매고갔지만.. 좀만 기둘려봐바요^_^ㅋ 오랜만에 랙잭이들봐서 기분좋앗어요! 아 글구 이거 ㅋ 아까 모 멤바의 애교표정이랑 똑같지않아요? ㅋ
Translation: We finished the Etude Pink Play Concert and we’re heading back to the apartment! Since it was our first performance in a long time, we had a blast again ke Did you guys have fun? Since we’re girls with a lot of secrets, we went to it while all wrapped up but.. just wait for a little bit ^_^ ke Since it was the first time seeing Blackjacks in a while I felt great! Also this ke Doesn’t this have the same aegyo expression that some member made a little while ago? ke


~ by vipforever on August 21, 2010.

One Response to “[08.20.10] Dara Me2day!”

  1. cant even w8 fot their comeback next month! fighting! ❤

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