2NE1 is working with Will.I.Am for their American debut

Just 1 year into their debut, girlgroup 2NE1 will be working with Will.I.Am. music producer and the leader of group Black Eyed Peas for their American music market debut.

Yang HyunSeok revealed on 17th August, “2NE1 has been working with music producer Will.I.Am for the past few months. Through a close acquaintance, we were given the chance to show Will.I.Am 2NE1′s MV and after seeing the MV, Will.I.Am said he wanted to do music production for 2NE1 for their American debut.”

“2NE1 and Will.I.Am has been working on the music production on 3 windows for about 3 weeks in cities like L.A and London and currently they have finished recording about 10 songs.”

It was also revealed that all the 10 songs were recorded in English and since 3 members from 2NE1 is fluent in English, the recording was completed earlier than expected.

And about the girls’ debuting in America, YG said, “As to the concrete plans and time period the girls will debut in the States, we have not decided on them yet. But since Will.I.Am will be busy for his concert tour and Black Eyed Pea’s upcoming new album, it will most probably not happen within this year.”

“Plans for 2NE1′s American debut, we will be consulting Will.I.Am on plans and decisions, since he will be the key for their debut in the States. But we will stay away from the idea of 2NE1 promoting long term and staying in the States. Since the girls have received great love from fans in Korea, we will not have them neglect their activities in Korea. Furthermore, they will also be debuting in Japan early next year. Hence we will need to come up with a plan for the girls to be able to promote at the same time in 3 countries.”


Credit: Kbites


~ by ygnxgeneration on August 17, 2010.

6 Responses to “2NE1 is working with Will.I.Am for their American debut”

  1. Wow they are going to be RIDICULOUSLY tired and busy. But it will pay off for them! I had no idea they were coming to America at all! I can’t wait for that day! 😀 I hope they keep the same style of music they’ve got now, I hate when singers change haha.

  2. Oh Wow! I cannot wait for their debut in America! Supporting them all the way!! I’m so excited and happy for them. Even though it may not be happening soon though I’d be waiting. 😀 2ne1 and Will.I.Am. Fighting!

  3. What a lovely blog you have & many thanks for stopping by over at mine! Very Nice for me….thanks for share

  4. cool lolz 😀

  5. They’ll gonna make it big!! I’m sure of it. Its Black Eyed Peas and of course, the best girl group, 2ne1 were talking about here! FIGHTING!! 😀

  6. they are really cool:)

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