2NE1 reveals new CF for Samsung Nori mobile phone!

Although the date of their actual comeback remains a mystery, popular girl group 2NE1 has made a return with Samsung AnyCall with an endorsement of their latest model, Samsung Nori (SHW-A220S), which had been made specially for young women.

The word ‘Nori’ means play in Korean and the phone is targeted at the young generation who likes to customize and personalize their own phone to their personal preference. Apart from the usual specs, the Nori has a special customization feature as it offers the owner with a total of eight kinds of character protection film and stickers (adhesive on the front body or back), offering the possibility to express their personality by selecting any likable UI accordingly.

And in the CF featuring 2NE1, you can see them painting the phone according to their personal preference and then the CL joke at the end.

credit: vipblacjack1 @ youtube



~ by vipforever on August 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “2NE1 reveals new CF for Samsung Nori mobile phone!”

  1. I Miss 2ne1 so much!

  2. awwwwwe soo cute.I Miss 2ne1 so much!

  3. Translations:
    Dara: UUHH?? (it’s so cute! I just wanted to add it!)

    Bom: What is that thing?

    CL: Minji, What is that??

    Minji: Today, do you want to go play with this?

    [couldn’t understand what Dara shouted]

    TEXT: Anycall Nori Character Tuning

    Dara: Oh who does this look like??

    ALL: CL!!

    CL: NOOO…

    *ring ring*

    Minji: Hello?

    [This is a very rough translation.. I’m still in the process of learning, but I wanted to share it so you guys could unserstand. :D]

  4. Thank you meeyamia fir translating this 🙂

  5. i will totally get rid of my phone for this one!

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