CL,The Fashionista of 2NE1, can’t live without sunglasses!

OnStyle, OnMedia’s style channel’s ‘Style Magazine’ meets girl group 2NE1 on the scene of a fashion photoshoot.

On this day’s broadcast, the 2NE1 members unanimously agree “2NE1’s fashionista is definitely CL”, attracting attention.

Sandara Park revealed “CL has always had a lot of interest in fashion but it seems like she was naturally born with fashion sense”, “When there are no stylists, CL would match our accessories for us and take care of styling the members.”

2NE1’s stylist, Seo Hanyung also added “CL would always come to photoshoots dressed in accessories, scarves or shoes that she chose herself. Since she really does have a strong sense of fashion, there are several occasions where we’ve actually used those items in the shoot”.

Especially CL revealed that one fashion item that she must have with her are sunglasses.

Always sporting a pair of sunglasses on stage, she explained, “Along with different sunglasses frames, lenses, tints and shapes, I can give off a variety of different feelings”, “All the members are given clothes to match the concept of the song but despite that, the item that I can use to show off my personal style and individuality are sunglasses.”

Also on this day’s broadcast of ‘Style Magazine’, MC Han Hyejin is planned to have a cheerful discussion with a panel of guests on the topic of the global fashion styles of fashion centrals such as Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, etc. In particular, Miss Korea, Kim Joori, who is planning to participate in the Miss Universe pageant expresses the troubles that she has been going through and her hopes for the competition. The episode will broadcast on August 14th at 11PM, KST.

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