Take the Treevia!!!

This may not have anything to do with 2NE1 but this message is important for your future. We from YGNXGENERATION are all about Big Bang’s and 2NE1’s fashion and boy, we love to them to bits. As you know, we also are trying our best to get our best readers on our site as well by featuring their style that was highly inspired by both Korean idol groups. We also do everything we can to be involved with non-profit organization and bodies and at the moment I am very sure everyone is aware of the increasing problem of global warming.

Before I proceed, if you aren’t aware of Global Warming let me enlighten you with what such problem have down to this world. Over 500 penguins died out fo starvation in the cold area of South America and almost 500 walrus in the antartica region jumped to their deaths because of lack of food to survive during the winter. Weird that walrus actually commit suicide, well remember their have brains and hearts just like humans do. Recently, it was reported that during the summer the temperature increase almost 35 percent compared to alst year. All of these occured due to Global Warming. Are you aware of it?

If you are you might stand a chance to win an iPod! Yes, win an iPod courtesy of TOYOTA Eco Youth. All you have to do is to participate in Treevia 2010 Challenge sponsored by TOYOTA. Visit Treevia 2010 Challenge to find out how you can win yourself an iPod.

We from YGNXGENERATION encouraged everyone to take part in this challenge in order to increase more Global Warming Awareness amongst youngsters. We hope a lot of you would take part in this challenge and we would like to see one of our readers win themselves an iPod.

Credits to YouthSays & TOYOTA Eco Challenge


~ by ygnxgeneration on July 27, 2010.

One Response to “Take the Treevia!!!”

  1. Hey, any word on the new 2ne1 TV season2? Wasn’t it supposed to have aired yesterday in Korea? (july 27 6pm?) Can’t find anything on it on the web.

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