come one blackjack post away and send ur love and wishes to YG come on we need more messenger!! post it here n ill send it over COME N JOIN!!


That’s right PAPA YG is going to be a DADDY soon so we are helping  ygladies out they are doing a FAN MADE message book that filled with warm wishes, congrats, and happy thoughts for the new family. They are trying to get as many international fans to participate as possible so be sure to write your well-wishes and spread the word with your friends. The project is called “It’s a YG Baby” and all the details can be found  HERE It’s all very simple, we have the Official Rules and a Form so all you have to do is leave your name and message (100 word MAX)! Simple and sweet right? We will forward ALL messages to YGLadies and they will definitely include your message in the book. The deadline for all messages is July 25th so be sure add yours before then! Thank you all so much for participating in this fantastic project and I’m sure we all can’t wait to see the finished book!

YG & LEE EUN JOO- this is how she looks like she is not DEAD the other one was a actress this one is a SINGER got it!!


Official Rules:
1) No cursing.
2) English and Korean is preferred, but PLEASE DO NOT USE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR FOR KOREAN! We will accept other languages with appropriate translation.
3) No smileys, symbols (eg. <3), slang or otherwise hard to copy and paste items. Smileys do not show up.
4) Bashing, shipping, or bias is strictly prohibited. This is a message book for the Mr. YG and his fiance, Lee Eun Joo – NOT 2NE1, BIG BANG, SE7EN, OR ANY OTHER YG ARTIST. Please, please post responsibly.
5) Make sense. Inappropriate or confusing messages will be edited or deleted.

if ur ready and want to send ur wishes please fill out this form! fill it and paste it here ill send it over to YGLADIES!

Form: (use this form to fill out and sending ur message)




~ by vipforever on July 17, 2010.


  1. Is it really Lee Eun Joo, YG”s fiance?? I searched for Lee Eun Joo and it says she’s already dead.

    • thats the other one! shes not dead yet! dont worry its another actresss! this one is a singer!

  2. Where can we send the message? the link is broken

  3. To 2ne1:

    Love your music and can’t wait to see what’s next in store for you gals. It’s become a habit of mine to check on what’s going on with the website since its just rare to see you anywhere else. I live here in Chicago, IL. I’ve written once before. Everyone seems to have grown. I wish to see you in a lot of other events. If you get the chance maybe even a tour here in the US. I’m sure to buy. 😀

  4. To Mr. President and his family,

    Congratulations on being a new daddy!!! Baby is sure to be very very lucky to have you as a dad. You’ve raised everyone else perfectly. Just with more hugs and kisses would you need to provide.

  5. arie armada-ordonio

    I love 2ne1 !!! when will they be back? I miss them!

  6. To Mr. Yang Hyun Suk:

    Congratulations on your new baby! You’ve done a great job with developing great artists and providing us with awesome music. I’m sure you will be a great father. I hope your baby is healthy and that you continue to be successful.

  7. Name: Tasnim
    Location:Oslo, Norway
    To Mr. Yang Hyun Suk
    Congratulations!! not only on becoming a father but also on your relationship. I’m so happy for you and i hope your soon to be wife and baby are healthy.i’m confident you well become a wonderful father due to the success of YG entertainment. once again Congratulations and God bless.

  8. Name: Syazana
    Age: 14
    Location: Malaysia
    Hi Mr. President ! Firstly, congratulations ! I know you will be happy with your beloved wife. I don’t know if you will understand what I’m saying but regarding from the main theme of this book I’m sure you will get the idea. keke . Help your wife with chores okay? Saranghaeyo!

  9. Name: Karlos Tamayo
    Age: 18
    Location: USA
    To: Mr. YG and Lee Eun Joo
    Message: Congratulations on your baby!! Must be great to be a father and a President of YG Entertainment at the same time. You are one lucky man! I hope you, your family, and your newborn child will be healthy and happy right now and in the future. Good luck!

  10. Name: Tate Wiley
    Age: 17
    Location: Oregon, USA
    To: Mr. YG and Lee Eun Joo
    Message: Congratulations!! You must be so excited. I know that you guys will be great parents. I hope this baby brings you so much joy and happiness. I hope that you all live good healthy lives and become one great big loving family!! Congratualations. Love, Tate.

  11. Name: zara
    Age: 13
    Location: london, uk
    Message:To Mr YG congrtas on your relationships
    hope both baby and mother will/and are healthy
    Hope the baby grows up to become a great person.
    may no evil eye be cast upon the baby.
    Congrats, Zara

  12. Name: Candy E.
    Location: sacto, Ca USA
    To: Mr YG and family
    Message: Congratullations!! God bless your family! I am 100% sure that you will be a good parent!! 😀 I hope the mother and the baby are in good health and thank you for raising such talented artist!!! Who knows maybe the baby will be bringing a revolution in the music industry. Blessings for the baby!!
    With love Candy

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