2NE1 teases for 2NE1TV Season 2!

On top of Se7en, Gummy, Teddy, and YG getting their own TV show, it looks like 2NE1 will be returning to the small screen with season 2 of their popular reality show, 2NE1TV.

From what can be seen in the teaser, the girls look like they’re having a ton of fun doing various activities from taking pictures in their hotel room, walking around with yellow umbrellas, playing on the playground, and even driving a nice car! Fans will get to watch some of 2NE1’s best everyday moments not usually seen and with most of their footage centered on their recent trips to America

The show is likely to have a similar concept to 2NE1TV as Dara said on her phone at the end, “Yes, Yes, 2ne1TV Season 2 has just started.”

The first episode will air on July 27th, so stay tuned!

credit:2ne1andme @ youtube



~ by vipforever on July 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “2NE1 teases for 2NE1TV Season 2!”

  1. me and my cousin’s can’t wait for thisss!! ^^

  2. Im a Bengali American and i just LOVE 2ne1!!! cant wait for this!!!!

  3. can’t wait ^^

  4. hope that there is an english dubbing

    i wish i could speak the korean language!

    i’ll wait for the season two!

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