[06.28.10] Dara & Taeyang sport matching couple shirts!

평소에 장난꾸러기 동생이던 영배가 촬영장에서 음악이 나오자 멋지고 매력적인 남자 태양으로 변했다! 멋있긴하더라^^ 복근만 쪼꼬렛인게 아니라 목소리도 쪼꼬렛이다 ㅋㅋ 달콤달콤 열매를 먹었나 영배가???

After his music video comes out, the naughty dongsaeng Yongbae-ah will transform into a charming, attractive Taeyang! Really cool ^^ It’s not just about his abs being like chocolate, his voice is too keke. Do you think he ate very sweet fruit???

source: allkpop


~ by vipforever on June 29, 2010.

12 Responses to “[06.28.10] Dara & Taeyang sport matching couple shirts!”

  1. love the picture

  2. omg i love taeyang and dara
    they look so cute together
    2ne1 and big bang hawiting!!!

  3. yah..they really look good together i can see their sweetness in the picture!

  4. awww… They look good together.. right????

  5. OMG , I want one , where can I get it ?!

  6. dara can have taeyang that means gd can have cl

  7. is it alryte, if u sub dt lil information in english? cus i do nt understnd lool thanx 🙂

    • actually never mind, just read it in english, lool
      dey do look cute 2gether, bt its al abwt dara n GD!!! LOVE dem 2 2gether, lool
      I totally love TAEYANG as wel, hes soo sxc! 😛

  8. I love their matching shirts, so cute!!!! LOL

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