Dara fulfilled her dream

2NE1 Sandara Park reveals another composite photo of herself and a Hollywood reporter.

Sandara Park posted the photo on her me2day on 27th June a photo taken with the panel of Access Hollywood report, with her posing as though she was doing an interview. She wrote, “Ssantokki who is advancing into Hollywood.”

In the photo, Sandara Park even put the captions ‘Fulfilled her dream꿈★’, “Ssantokki imagining, I have big dreams.”

Fans’ comments to the photos are, “Will we be able to see such a feature of her seoon?”, “For a moment, I thought it was real” etc.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park is in LA America to do shooting of MV for Big Bang TaeYang’s upcoming full length solo album, and going on a vacation there with the rest of the 2NE1 members.


Credit: Kbites

~ by ygnxgeneration on June 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Dara fulfilled her dream”

  1. I have a feeling they went to Universal Studios in LA. o_o

  2. haha.she have fulfilled her dreams.

  3. LOL. at first, I thought that it was real.. wahahaha!!

  4. I thought it was real to until I read the description.

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