Park Bom eats corn to lose weight

Now that all 4 members of 2NE1 are in Los Angeles, Dara has been updating her me2day frequently.

She managed to take a photo of Park Bom while she was busy eating corn with both of her hands. Dara wrote, “We have come to the United States…the corn is fresh in Spring keke.”

It looks like Bom has been keeping up with her diet since we last reported her nibbling on lettuce in order to lose weight. Netizens also commented, “It’s a pity that Bom is on a diet..” “She is so beautiful!” and others.

Bom also added a picture herself, writing, “Kung fu pandas~~!!”

Aren’t the girls having so much fun? I wished i was in LA to stalked them(like i can find them). Thank you to Dara for updating!

source: ALLKPOP


~ by vipforever on June 25, 2010.

10 Responses to “Park Bom eats corn to lose weight”

  1. Oh dearrr, 2NE1 is here in LA! Sooo here goess, I’ll just pack a pen and a pencil everyy time I go out! >o< 2NE1 and fighting!! I hope they perform… kekeke. xD

  2. in n out!
    park bom soo cute! ^^

  3. haha..isnt that burger and fries right below parkbom…half azz diet i guess hahaha.. I still luv her hahaha

  4. i love bark bom Very, very impossible love zains7j

  5. lol I love that

  6. I want to be like Cl, Minzy, Dara and Bom. Saranghae!!!!!!

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