22.06.10 Me2Day Dara and Taeyang Updates

Original: 얍! 딱 한장만 살짝 보여줄게요! 너무너무 멋진모습들이 많지만 그건 뮤비로 확인해주세용^^ 이노래와 뮤비를 통해서 많은 여성분들이 태양의 girl이 될수있는 방법을 알게될거같아요! 또 한번 영배가 여심을 확~ 녹일거같네요!^^ 기대기대! 홧팅홧팅 야야야!!!

Translation: Yup! I’ll quickly show you one chapter from the video! The picture shows that it’s really cool, but the music video will confirm it^^ With this song and the music video leading I know what it’s like to be a lot of girls wanting to be Taeyang’s girl! It appears to be melting!^^ Expect it expect it! Fighting fighting, yayaya!!!

credit: 21bangs


~ by vipforever on June 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “22.06.10 Me2Day Dara and Taeyang Updates”

  1. :p

  2. dara is very pretty..
    they look good together 😀

  3. yahh..they look good together!

  4. dara is really beautiful

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