Before their comeback, 2NE1 went to the U.S. again. Why?

This summer, the girl group, 2NE1 will be resuming full-fledged activities. It was confirmed that this past weekend, they had left for the US, and curiosity has been gathering. Recently, after all the members headed to the US, the UK, and Japan, they headed back to the US. A lot of interest is focusing on the reason why.

2NE1′s visit to the US was revealed when Park Bom uploaded a photo on her personal me2day saying, “Where am I?”. But because member, Sandara Park is making an appearance in Taeyang’s first full solo album MV, her departure was delayed for 2~3 days.

Representatives of YG stated “Before their comeback, 2NE1 is simply at the peak of their practices and preparations for the new songs.”, remaining quiet about the true reason for being in the US. Their location in the US has only been hinted somewhere between New York or LA, as YG did not disclose much.

Last year, 2NE1 after rising to the idol world like a comet, sweeping up various charts and top album sales, they even rose to the top with their solo activities. For their comeback this time, it’s not only those involved in the idol world, but there is also great interest coming from the fans.

In the first half of the year, 2NE1 refrained from activities as a whole, and spent a lot of time in other countries. Other than guesting at Big Bang’s Japanese concert, they have not revealed a clear purpose for the reason they went to Japan.

Many are beginning to wonder if 2NE1 had decided to do overseas activities, following the foot steps of the Wonder Girls. Although being a group that still hasn’t had very much experience, there are a lot of companies directing their attention on 2NE1, both in Asia and the US.

Different from other girl groups, they have been busy even during their hiatus, appearing in CFs, at events, and participating variety programs, etc. It has been difficult trying to figure out the reason why 2NE1 was allowed to rest for a couple months before frequently visiting the US.

However, on this topic, YG representatives denied, “It is still too early for (2NE1 to do activities in the US)”. “For an artist, the most important thing is contents. It’s simply a matter of giving them enough time to sufficiently prepare in order to enhance their contents”.

The four members of 2NE1 are all equipped individually with unique charms and personalities, and also special skills in dancing and singing. Are they preparing to enter into the overseas market? Or if not, is the reason for being overseas simply because they are absorbed in their training? These girls’ trips are making for a summer full of mystery.

Source: Nate News
Translated by GEE @


~ by vipforever on June 23, 2010.

7 Responses to “Before their comeback, 2NE1 went to the U.S. again. Why?”

  1. First! Can’t wait for their comebacks. I’m looking forward for their new songs. 2ne1 – a go go go :))


  3. 하하. 제발 왜 미국에 간 …. 알려주 잠깐 만요 … 당신은 이미 한국의하니?

    Haha Come back to Korea already pleaseeee. Unless…. you’re already back here….. Waiting for you’re comeback! d(>.<)b

  4. I hope they are in LA. ^^” Looking forward to their great comebacks, 2NE1 fighting! 🙂

  5. man they came 2 the uk i wanted to see them!
    dam yg y can’t they say anything for the sake of the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. To bad they never come to Florida. I can’t wait for their comeback!!!

  7. hi i wanna ask you about a korean song in Dr.champ it is by a femal song i dont know her name but i liked the song very much and i want to know where can i find it. It said chakoman chakoman ….
    its a slow music and i understand that it means wait but i want the song plz tell me i searched in google , since i dont know how to write in korean but i used the translation ,and only this page opened to me. ThanQ

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