Park Bom shows off her slim figure

Instead of giving a proper morning greeting, 2NE1’s Park Bom revealed her slim figure and her attractive legs after succeeding her lettuce diet.

A picture of her showing her s-line while lying on bed was posted onto her me2day, and Park Bom explained with the caption, “Where am I? When I turned to look back when Minzy said unni, ‘flash’ a picture was taken.”

Afterwards, Park Bom expressed her blissful mood through a post with a cute emoticon along with an energetic greeting, “Hello again everyone!”

Netizens have commented, “She became really pretty“, “When is she coming back. She should throw another solo song” , “Honestly, ‘chubby Bom’ was cute too, but her skinny figure looks pretty” , “Upload a picture of your face too!”

I’m sure her new look further adds onto the fans’ anticipation of 2NE1’s future comeback.

credit: ALLKPOP


~ by vipforever on June 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Park Bom shows off her slim figure”

  1. She’s always been so pretty, she doesn’t need to lose any weight..hwaiting bommie!!!

  2. go bommie!

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