Big21 Fashion Evolution Feat. YOU!!!

By now, if you are an avid 2NE1 fan, you are well familiar with Big21 Fashion Evolution. To those who don’t know, Big21 Fashion Evolution is a site cater for all fashion of 2NE1 and Big Bang and they are also YGNXGENERATION’s sister site. Currently, Big21 is featuring new format in which they would like to feel more connected to their readers and exposed 2NE1’s fans all over the world. They created a feature called Fashion Evolution & Your Style where readers can share their own personal opinion for fashion and how they interpret 2NE1’s fashion into their daily lives. YGNXGENERATION recommends you to start taking your pictures and send in your entries. Big21 has already begun their journey for Fashion Evolution & Your style and their first feature is Cindy Laukkanen from Finland.

Check out more of Cindy’s entries.

Big21 Fashion Evolution would like to introduce 20 years old, Cindy Laukkanen all the way Finland. Her style is awesome and here’s a little information regarding her sense of fashion as well as her inspiration. Cindy apparently loves colors and prints and she’s not afraid to go all the way when it comes to fashion which makes her an ultimate fashionista. You have to be brave if you want to be a fashionista. She also indicated that her style is very boyish and personally I think she has a more laid-back style.

Find out more about Cindy here


~ by ygnxgeneration on June 21, 2010.

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  1. where do yu send the pictures too ? : O

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