[ME2DAY] Dara 10/06/18 (AM 11:03)!

땀 삐질~ㅋ응원하느라 땀나서 다시 곱슬머리가 되가고있는 다롱이ㅋ울 강아지인형 하치와 함게ㅋ울집에 강아지인형은 참 많아요ㅋ인형은 안무서워서~^^ 암튼 대한민국 홧팅! 붉은악마 홧팅!!!야야야!!!

Sweatdrop~ㅋ Darong started to sweat while cheering so her hair got frizzyㅋ I’m with my stuffed dog Hachiㅋ In my house there are a lot of stuffed dogsㅋ It’s because stuffed animals aren’t scary~^^ Anyways, Korea fighting! Red devils fighting!!! Yayaya!!!

Translated by elise @ YGL



~ by vipforever on June 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “[ME2DAY] Dara 10/06/18 (AM 11:03)!”

  1. It’s cute kekekeke Unnie is very cute !!!

  2. dara is scared of dogs.

  3. i wish see you !!! but i not money !!! i want sing … and i love music … i want see Hyun Suk uncle !!!

  4. My band is MK [ Memory Key ] We’re love music … Music is my love … my life … my dream !!! We want to become member in YG Fam !!! Please … help me !!! thank you !!! i love you !!! 2NE1 and BIGBANG !!! I very want to see uncle Hyun Suk … very very want !!! I will a good singer !!!

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