28.05.2010 2NE1 Me2day Updates

Credit: Dara’s Me2day


가만히~ 생각해봉께 우리 데뷔 일주년 지났자나요…ㅋ연애금지 기간이 3년인데… 이제 일년 지났으니… 2년 남은건…가? 그런거에요?! 오마이갓!!!ㅠㅠ좋아… 근데 남자가없음ㅋㅋ 굿밤!^.^ㅋ

Try~ thinking about it carefully. Our first anniversary has passed…ㅋ I’m not allowed to date for 3 years… but one year has already passed…so only two years left…right? Right?! Oh my God!!!ㅠㅠ So good… But I don’t have a guyㅋㅋ Good night!^.^ㅋ

~ by ygnxgeneration on May 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “28.05.2010 2NE1 Me2day Updates”

  1. haha!funny Dara!

  2. wow!its so gorgeous park bom lee like bunny i like her i wish come to south,korea to see her

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