VOTE 2NE1 to be on Ellen DeGeneres!

That’s right if you want 2NE1 to be on ELLEN DEGENERES you got to vote! Ellen is wanting to have some international artist to be on her show so who do we love n who are the new generation that’s right 2NE1! so click on the link and go vote foe 2NE1 VOTE FOR 2NE1 ON ELLEN DEGENERES

Here is a video made by MISCHA thanks so much! for doing the video n showing her love foe 2NE1 she’s doing this foe ELLEN but also foe the BLACKJACK to go vote n explain to ellen y u love 2NE1!

credit: MischaBloom



~ by vipforever on May 25, 2010.

14 Responses to “VOTE 2NE1 to be on Ellen DeGeneres!”

  1. I sent it in to ELLEN 😀

    • hi!after i click the link..i don’t have any idea of where to go..u have any idea how?thank you1-^_^-

      • aila: after u click the link jux fill out the form below u should see it!!! n thats all jux fill out the form!

      • oh!i got it!thanks a lot!-^_^-

  2. NOOOO 2ne1 should stay in Korea…its soooooo much better !!!!!!!!

  3. I’m stuck in the middle.
    I agree with #2 [Alex] and #1 [Chae Rin].
    I want 2NE1 to go international, but they are more powerful when they’re in Korea.
    Either way, I’ll vote for 2NE1 for Ellen:]

    • no,
      its not that 2NE1 ill be in america forever! they are jux going to make an appearance on ellen shows thats all notang more! dont think that voting will mean that they will come here n live here no ellen jux want to listen to some gewd music thats all! n i think 2NE1 coming will give them a gewd chance so people will notice them n love them thats all!!! i dont think yg will let his top girl group to the US that quick!!

  4. i should have vote for them. but i voted for their brother! Yeah, BIGBANG! Well, nvm. GD will absolutely promote 2ne1 via themselves. LOL!

  5. It’s best for 2NE1 to be able to perform at Ellen’s show, since they’re going to debut in America anyway, that’s already a plan. It’d be the best that could happen to them, for 2NE1. ^^ I voted too!

  6. they should be on the ellen show i will be so happpy to see 2ne1 on america’s tv! omgh! thats what cl says!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR 2NE1 TO BE ON THE ELLEN SHOW EVERYBODY!

  7. Awesome

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