dara & cl

피디님~! 저랑ㅠ머리스타일겹쳐요ㅠ 다행히 오늘피디님이 머리를 묶고오셨음ㅋ피디님의 빠마가 훨씬 뽀글거리더라구요ㅋ 그리고 빠마 두명의 사이에 낀 사자씨에루ㅋ

PDnim~! And my ㅠ hairstyles clashㅠ Thankfully, PDnim came today with tied his hair up ke PDnim’s perm is a lot more curly ke Also, trapped between the two people with perms is CLroo ke




~ by vipforever on May 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “[ME2DAY] 100521 DARA WITH CL AND PD!”

  1. nice ^^ CUTE *^^*

  2. there so friendly and nice! yet very cute and dorky
    love them,waiting for 2ne1 tv season 2

    “dont touch my remicon”-lol bommie
    miss 2ne1 tv and ihope bigbang tv too so they can finally show there funny personalities because they were in there solos in the first season so it wasnt that good of a show since it just indiviaul of them with just the pd and i was anxious whenever they show bigbang together even if they only show just two of bigbang members.in manwon happiness very funny and dorkness and the bigbang tv wasnt really since manwon hapiness is a variety show and bigbang tv like showing daily life and such and 2ne1 tv funny cuz there adorable personalities but it like there own first show of pd always turning there cameras to every time and everywhere they go and bigbang there were very funny on show before but in this not serious but very mature idontknow the word for it but mature seems to be the closest that could describe how they were but anyway im ver anxious anxiochus! and ihope yg will come back with happy and joy to all of us since we been waiting for them.
    aah go~go~go!
    much love

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