International fans prepared a special event, for popular girl group 2NE1’s first anniversary.

A video titled “YG Ladie’s 10th project” was recently released on the file sharing site Youtube. This five minute video showed the various presents prepared for 2NE1 by fans, the gift wrapping process of the presents and also introduced the ones that helped out with the project.

The netizen (T/N: LOL TAZ IS A NETIZEN) that uploaded the video named ‘tazanya’ had added “Finally we’ve finished the (1 Year Debut) Anniversary Project” and explained that “The presents are currently on their way to Seoul”. Briefly in the video, tazanya’s hand appeared and netizens were able to see she was a black female.

The video showed a variety of presents matching 2NE1’s unique style, ranging from colourful running shoes and accessories, snacks and even an iPad. Especially, when revealing the iPad, a lot of attention was drawn to the e-book that the fans made for their one year anniversary.

For this project, several fans gathered on this fan community, YG Ladies, of over 20,000 members from countries all over the world such as the US, Canada, France, Australia, England.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 who are receiving these international fans’ passionate support are currently busy working on their album while preparing for their comeback.

credit: tazanya @ youtube

wow wonderful job!!! ygladies first korean news congrats!!!

source: NATE NEWS & YGladies



~ by vipforever on May 3, 2010.


  1. wow, blackjacks are rich…i just saw yhe vid their are 4 ipads and many thoughful gifts, this is from international fans US i think…i also reembered the philippine blackjacks who also prepared a box of thoughful gifts…wow 2ne1 are really popular international even though their not promoting international yet…how much more if they do, i cant imagine the big smile of yg president.

  2. ayos!

  3. woah.. when i saw the picture that was posted i was like, “an ipad?! they’re rich..! but wait only one for 2NE1?” then it just dawned on me that they were giving 1ipad for each member! then i was like “they’re not just rich.. they’re over rich!” lucky 2NE1..

    but then again we are also lucky for having 2NE1 in our lives.. 🙂

  4. cool!!!

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