03.05.2010 2NE1 Me2day Updates

Credit: Dara’s Me2day

Translations @ aa-chan

이거! 이거! 이거슨 연출된 표정이 아닙니당~ 너무 너무 신기해서! 자연스럽게 이런 표정이 나온거라구요 ㅋㅋ 이거 짱 신기해용~ 여러분들도 해보셨나요?^.^

This! This! This is not the expression that is produced~ Really really awesome! This expression is natural ㅋㅋ It’s the best~ Did everyone try?^.^


~ by ygnxgeneration on May 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “03.05.2010 2NE1 Me2day Updates”

  1. sandara .ang o.a mu talaga akala mu maganda ka.pangit.krung krung ka talaga!
    wag mung pilitin na magiging kayo ni lee min hoo.

  2. cute laugh minzy huh????????????

  3. hey maria…what’s your problem?

  4. Maria, kawawa ka nman, ,frustated ka kasi nkasama n sandara c lee min hoo, .cool kalang, .kahit ano pang gawin mo, .maganda tlaga c sandara,..huwag mo n xiang i-criticize,kc maganda tlaga xia, dahil qng hndi xia maganda, wla xia s kinatata.uan nya nga.un . .okaY! ^_~

  5. lol loe the little face ^_~ haha cute love there outfiits i seen the project they did with bean pole jeans pretty kool they are soooo advanced with the technology ^.^

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